Monday, December 12, 2011

Wholesale Quantities AND Individual Copies Now Available

William Thomas Thornton's 1848 classic A Plea for Peasant Proprietors, With the Outlines of a Plan for Their Establishment in Ireland, written to propose a solution to the Great Famine (1846-1852) then ravaging Ireland, is now available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble individually at the retail price of $25.00 per copy in the United States, and Amazon in the U.K. at the retail price of £20.00 per copy!  You can also still purchase copies in bulk (ten or more copies) at 20% off the retail price in the U.S. and Australia, 25% in the U.K. (yes, we can ship from facilities in Australia and the U.K.).

This edition is based on Thornton's 1874 revision, and offers extensive footnotes and appendices explaining aspects of 19th century Irish politics and history that might not be familiar to 21st century readers.  Thornton's solution is remarkable for many reasons, not the least of which is that, with a few modifications (explained in the appendices and foreword) it is applicable to today's economic situation not only in Ireland, but in the United States and the rest of the global economy.

Even though individual copies are now available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble (follow the links above), and we assume you can get it by special order in many local bookstores (it will be in the Ingram catalog), our introductory offer is still open: you can purchase copies in bulk (10 or more copies) at $20 per copy, plus shipping (normal retail price is $25.00).

To enquire about shipping, please send us an e-mail at "publications [at] cesj [dot] org." Please tell us:

1) How many copies you want.  FYI, a  case lot is 22 copies, or $440.00, plus shipping, but we can take as few as ten (10) in a bulk/wholesale order.

2) A STREET address where the order is to be sent (sorry, our distributor cannot ship to post office boxes).

We'll send you the total cost, plus shipping by return e-mail. On receipt of your payment — check or money order only at this time, please (and don't send cash through the mails!) — we will have your order shipped. We estimate that it will take approximately ten business days for you to receive your order from the time your check clears.

At this time we are only filling bulk orders within the continental United States, Canada, and Mexico.   As we mentioned above, we are also now able to ship books from facilities in the U.K. and Australia.  Just enquire first so we know what the shipping charges will be.

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  1. To: Michael Greaney

    I submitted a commentary to you and CESJ but to no avail. I admire the work you and CESJ and appreciated your commentary on G.K Chesterton re: on argument. Much more to add if this input is successful. I'm not much of a blogger if at all - thanks for listening ....

    Herb Baldwin